New Wines! Part 3 (it goes on...)

April 16, 2013

Now we move on to Italy.....

Delicious wines from beautiful locations in Veneto, Piedmont and Umbria including the crowd-pleasing, sweet-fruited "Baccolo" (Merlot with added "pizazz") Only £7.61  a bottle!


Cielo The Cielo family have been cultivating grapes in the Veneto for 4 generations. The Cent‘Anni range was first released to celebrate their centenary, and consists of a very reasonably priced Amarone, and the superbly priced Baccolo. The Amarone is made from Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes, dried for 3-4 months in special drying lodges (a posh word for sheds really). This process produces a wonderfully rich and complex wine with intense fruit flavours and a velvety smooth richness belying the strength and weight of the wine. The Baccolo is an ‘appassimento’ wine, where the (cheaper) wine is matured over the skins left over from the Amarone to pick up some the character of the more expensive wine. This leads to a richly coloured wines with surprising depth and spice flavours, balanced by subtle tannins and a long finish, you definitely get more wine than you expect for the money. We have also picked up a stunning Primitivo from Puglia, bursting with black plums, blackberries, and spiced notes.

Amarone- £21.47

Introductory offer- £19.95

Baccolo- £7.61

Primitivo- £6.61

Mabis The unusual name comes from Maurizio & Martino Biscardo. The Biscardo family have been making wine from their base in Soave for over 150 years, and are renown for the quality of their Corvinas (red) and Proseccos. The Valpolicella Ripasso has a bouquet that is rich and complex, with clear notes of cherries and chocolate in the background, a palate with a dry edge, soft with a full harmonious balance; the finish is long and pleasant. The Uvam Pinot Grigio has aromas of apple and melon, with more underlying depth and length than you find with most Pinot Grigios.

Valpolicella Ripasso- £13.12

Pinot Grigio- £8.11

Tenuta Olim Bauda, Centive Moscato d’Asti Those who know Ed well will be well versed with his love of Moscato d’Asti, the low alcohol, semi-sparkling grape juice that tastes of Summer and Honeysuckle. We already have the lovely Alasia, but Ed thinks you can never have too much Moscato. Full of ripe white peach aromas, ‘grapey’ notes, and honeyed orange touches, Moscato d’Asti is always lovely, and goes particularly well when drunk on a Summer’s Eve whilst sat in the garden. £9.07
Arnaldo-Caprai, Grecante Grechetto dei Colli Martani Believed to have it’s origins in Ancient Greece, Grechetto has been around so long that it is now viewed as being native to Umbria. Known primarily as one of the blending grapes in Oriveto, it is increasingly highly rated for its rich tropical fruit aromas. Arnaldo-Capri produces one of the very few 100% Grechettos available, and is rightly winning fans worldwide , with a fruity peachy nose and well balanced, tangy tropical fruit palate with a long crisp, minerally finish. A great alternative to lightly oaked Chards and Sauvy Bs. £14.47

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