About us

Forget those cliched images about the crusty old wine merchants rooted in the past.

We’ve got plenty of tradition, but we are a vibrant, modern firm aiming to bring our customers the best.

Connolly’s Wine Merchants Ltd is a truly independent outfit, carefully selecting and shipping wines from all over the world to Birmingham.

We have been family owned and run since 1976 and continue to provide a personal, flexible and comprehensive service to all our customers.

In an age of global brands, call centres and supermarket dominance, the emphasis at Connolly’s remains focused strongly on the individual.

Our own independence provides us with a flexibility – if we like a wine and it meets our criteria in terms of quality and value, we can buy it there and then. Wherever possible we deal directly with growers, most of whom we have come to know through personal visits to the vineyards.

Our Shop

We have a delightful wine shop, located in Birmingham city centre at the back of our wine bar Arch 13. Where you can browse our wide range of products and gain some insightful knowledge about the products' backgrounds.

We also host various events at these locations.

Connolly’s Birmingham

Arch 13,
220 Livery Street,
Birmingham B3 1EU

0121 236 3837


Tuesday - Saturday, 11.00am - 6.00pm

Click & Collect, and Local & national delivery available.


Arch 13 at Connolly's

Arch 13 can be found at the front of our Birmingham store underneath the arches in Livery Street. Showcasing unique wines, cocktails, cheese and meat boards.

Arch 13,
220 Livery Street,
Birmingham B3 1EU

0121 794 6636

Tues - Sat: 10:00 - 22:00

Our Staff

Chris Connolly

Managing Director


Chris is the backbone of Connolly’s; having taken the helm in 1980 Chris has endeavoured to move the company forward whilst retaining its family roots and independent mindset. Aside from Chris’ uncontrollable obsession with buying and selling Burgundy, his passion for wine is contagious and he his always on the look out for something new and interesting. Chris has the WSET Diploma in wine and occasionally ponders upon attempting the MW, but is currently far too busy bringing you fabulous wines! Click here for an interview with Chris in BQ Magazine Summer 2015

Tania Connolly

Company Secretary and Accounts Manager


Tania arrived one day to give Chris a helping hand, she kindly agreed to stay for 6 weeks, 20 years later and she is still here. After finally realising that this clearly wasn’t a temporary position, Tania has taken a leap from her books of figures and a break from customs and excise to delve into the world of wine. Tania has now received the Advanced Certificate in Wines and Spirits from the WSET.

Ed Orchard

Store Manager Livery Street


Ed joined us in June 2011. After initially studying economics in Liverpool, Ed decided that the world of finance was not for him, but sorting out people’s cellars was. So, having discovered the joys of wine, he found wine asylum with Oddbins. Five mostly happy years (the final death throes of the company not withstanding) were spent tasting, studying and selling all Bacchus had to offer with the reward of the position of General Manager of the Colmore Row branch. Following Oddbin’s demise, and unable to stand the sight of a poor wine stray wondering the streets of Birmingham, Chris took in Ed and all his fabulous expertise.