Connolly's Wine Club

Yup, a proper, subscription only wine club just like the big boys do but much, much better.

The Connolly’s Subscription Club

 A range of mixed cases of wine, delivered monthly/bi-monthly or quarterly and fine-tuned to match your palate.

We have been running our subscription club since August 2021- 6 carefully curated wines delivered to your door with a full set of tasting notes every month (or as frequently as desired). We have travelled from the high plateaus of Salta in Argentina to the valleys of Kartli in Georgia via cracking examples of more classic wine areas at the original price of £79.95, unfortunately given the price increases of the past 12 months (and over have of that is from the government's August 2023 new duty regime with it's 15 different price bands) we were faced with the option of either compromising on the quality and range of wines we can can include, or raising prices. Given that the guiding principle is to offer interesting wines of character and individuality, the question doesn’t really require too much thought, so we have reluctantly chosen to raise prices slightly to £87.50 for the 6 bottle sets (and a bit on the single and 12 bottle sets as well). we hope that over the course of the past couple of years, we have proved ourselves to be literally head and shoulders above the competition and that we can continue to bring you the most exciting wines that cross our palates.

All prices include delivery (collection from our store also available), introductory notes and food matching suggestions for the wines in each case and tasting opportunities as and when circumstances allow.

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The Classic Case £87.50

“I’d love to know a little more about wine and try something different but don’t know where to start.” This is the case for you, 6 different bottles in each case, a complete range of styles, background notes for each wine and phenomenal value, including delivery.

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and Click here for a Quarterly Mixed Case

The Red Case £87.50

 If robust Malbecs, spicy Syrahs or cherry-scented Pinot Noirs are more your thing, this should tick all the right boxes; a delicious cross section of tinto, delivered to your door each month and embracing a range of familiar (and not so familiar) styles of red to ease you gently out of your comfort zone!

Click here for a monthly Red Case 
Bi-Monthly Red Case 
Quarterly Red Case

The White Case £87.50

Now we have nothing against Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio – between them they are responsible for some of the greatest whites in the world (ok, maybe less so in the case of Pinot Grigio but stick with me here) but there’s a whole world of white wines out there from lesser known and sometimes really obscure grape varieties which we know you’ll love if you give them a chance. Don’t panic – our white case will always contain some familiar styles but it may also introduce you to some fabulous new favourites.

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Bi-Monthly White Case 
Quarterly White Case

The Twelve Bottle Case £119.50

Yup, 12 assorted bottles of vinous joy delivered to your door as frequently as you require.

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Bi-Monthly 12 Bottle Case
Quarterly 12 Bottle Case 

The Single Bottle Option £26.50

Perfect as a gift that will be remembered all year round. We send the recipient a welcome letter and an invitation to call and chat with one of us about their tastes in wine and then deliver a bottle each month that we know they will love.

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