April is German Wine Month at Connolly's

April 07, 2022

April is German Wine Month at Connolly's

Yup, we’re going all Teutonic for the month of April with tastings (both in-store and virtual), a smashing and stupidly discounted “anything but Riesling” mixed case of Germanic joy and a whopping 10% discount off all German wines throughout the month.

10 % discount you say……?
Yup, this is the simple bit – 10% discount on all German wines throughout April – no minimum quantity.

Let’s talk about Sekt…..Tasting 8th-9th April in both Livery Street and Dovehouse Parade stores.

Okay class, sit down and pay attention. Now, which country in the world do you think might be the biggest consumers of sparkling wine? Allright, given that this is all about Germany I realise that the answer is blindingly obvious, but it is surprising nonetheless and the latest stats that I have found are even more jaw-dropping: thirsty Germans knock back 50% more fizz than their nearest rivals, the French.
All this probably explains why Sekt is something of a rarity on UK shelves as, to quote the old chestnut, the Germans really do keep most of it for themselves!
As a word of warning, a great deal of Sekt is mass-produced and not very good, frequently using grapes that have been bought in from elsewhere in Europe. Fortunately, we have managed to secure samples of a couple of wines which we believe represent the other end of the spectrum and we shall be showcasing them on Friday and Saturday April 8th and 9th – just in time to stock up for Easter.

Bibo Runge’s gorgeous Provokateur, is a salmon pink Riesling Sekt with the addition of just a splash of an unspecified red (it remains a closely guarded secret) to add not just colour but also a dash of ripe, red fruit character.

Ernie Loosen’s Extra Dry Riesling Sekt has a lovely freshness and delicacy to it, coupled with richness and complexity from extended lees ageing in the bottle.

Free of charge, instore tasting on both days


Life beyond Riesling – Zoom tasting and mixed case offer

Thursday 28th April, 7.00pm

Heavens to Betsy but this is exciting; on April 28th, through the wonders of Zoom, we shall be joined by Matt Giedraitis of Villa Wolf and Robin Spitz of Weingut Oliver Zeter who will be conducting a virtual tasting of 6 wines from 7.00 pm. This is a brilliant opportunity to explore some of the array of styles that Germany has to offer beyond Riesling (which we also love!)

The Wines…



Villa Wolf
Pinot Gris 2020
Pinot Noir Rose 2020
Dornfelder 2020



Weingut Oliver Zeter
Grauburgunder 2020
Fumé Blanc 2019
Spatburgunder 2018


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