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December 28, 2012

Burns Night Whiskly Tastings

24th & 25th January
Livery Street & Solihull
Burns Night Whisky Tastings 24th & 25th January

We have been inundated with requests to host another Whisky tasting event, so we thought to placate the whisky affcionados amoungst you, we would hold not one but two whisky tastings around Burns night; which would seem appropriate. 

The tastings are to be conducted by our very own Ed Orchard and Mark Stammers. Ed will be hosting in Birmingham on Thursday 24th January and will be including 6 of favourite dram's,  whilst Mark will be in Solihull the following evening waxing lyrical about 6 of his.

Tickets, priced at £20, are available from either store and are restricted to 25 in Birmingham and 20 in Solihull and must be booked in advance.

Start time will be 6.30 in Birmingham and 7.00 p.m. in Solihull. Email for Birmingham, and for Solihull for more details and to book your place

or call Solihull on 0121 236 9269 or Birmingham on 0121 236 3837

Buy Tickets online here.


8 Week Wine School

Starts on Tuesday 12th February
Livery Street.
These few limbo days between Christmas and New Year are the perfect time to focus on your plans for 2013. Why not set your New Years resolutions in stone, instead of the usual eat less move more options, how about learn more about wine?

Our Livery Street wine school returns in February 2013. The course will start on Tuesday 12th Febuary at 6.30pm in Livery St, and runs for the following 8 weeks, criss-crossing the globe sampling classic and innovative wines to highlight the finest wine producing areas. Each week will be hosted by one of Connolly's experts, and you will taste around 8 wines in each lesson. Fear not, there are no exams to sit and no pop quizzes, just a wine world of information for you take in, taste and impress your friends with.

Tickets are £80 for the full 8 week term, or £15 a session. Contact on 0121-236-3837 for more details and to book your places.

Alternativley buy your full 8 week ticket here.


Thirsty Friday's at Solihull

Friday February 8th, 7.00 p.m. Wines of South America

Argentina, Chile & Brazil line up to do battle. Whilst this will be a predominantly red night, we shall find one or two interesting whites to throw into the mix!

Ticket price £7.50

Buy Tickets here.

Friday February 22nd, 7.00 p.m. The Wines of Burgundy

A snapshot of wines from one of our favourite regions will see us heading down the cellars to dust off some fabulous bottles. A treat for lovers of both red and white Burgundy from Chablis to Pommard.

Ticket price £15.00

Buy tickets here. for more details, or ring Solihull on 0121-709-3734


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