Years ago, before very clever folk started coming up with all manner of means to keep open bottles of wine (reasonably) fresh, half bottles of wine were a thing. Growers would routinely bottle a modest proportion of their harvest into half bottles and restaurants in particular, would carry them, largely for the benefit of solo diners. And then things changed and the hospitality world started sucking oxygen out of bottles or pumping inert gas into them and offering numerous wines by the glass and lo and behold the principle market for halves faded away.

Which was totally understandable and fine.

Unless, for whatever reason you like a half bottle. (Guilty as charged, m’lud.)

So we’ve put a little collection together including some rather lovely mixed case offers.

And if lots of folk start buying them, we shall scour the planet for more.

And if they don’t, that’s Chris's drinking sorted out for the rest of the year.