Local Beers for Local People...

March 13, 2015

Local Beers for Local People...

Adding to our selection of local beers are new arrivals from Bromsgrove..

Nestled in Old Burcot Lane, Bromsgrove, head brewer Ian Hughes began a 6 barrel micro-brewery back in 2009

Formerly the Landlord of Bromsgrove's Hop Pole and latterly The Ladybird Inn, Ian previously operated his own micro-brewery, 'Red Cross Brewery', from outbuildings at his home

Since then Bird's has been traditionally crafted, matured, and has flown into reputable pubs to spread that rustically local taste.

Audacious  5.0%          £2.20

A stronger version of the Bronze age, still with the same deep bronze colour and brewed with Citra hops to give a citrus, dry hoppy, bitter finish to balance the delicate sweet maltiness from the pale malt and crystal malts.

Black Widow Stout  4.5%          £2.09

Dark and dangerous, Black Widow is a traditional smooth and satisfying Stout. Brewed using Phoenix and Bramling Cross hops, together with Roasted Barley, Black Widow has a roasted malt flavour with a bitter edge and overtones of blackcurrant, raisins and liquorice.

Bronze Age  4.2%          £2.09

A bronze coloured ale brewed with Citra hops to give a citrus, dry hoppy, bitter finish to balance the delicate sweet maltiness from the pale malt and crystal malts.

Mild High Club  3.7%          £2.09

A full malty flavour gives way to a dry finish with a creamy, nutty aftertaste with just a hint of dark chocolate

Natural Blonde  4.0%          £2.09

A refreshing pale blonde beer. Floral on the nose, plenty of fruit and hops in the mouth with just the right amount of malt to balance. A pleasantly hoppy aftertaste with a gently crisp bitter finish.

Nightjar   4.0%          £2.09

Brewed using First Gold hops from Suckley in Worcestershire, together with Maris Otter and Crystal Malts giving a smooth malty beer with a hint of sweetness and a distinctive nutty finish to this well balanced, easy drinking beer

Skullduggery   5.2%          £2.20

A strong tawny ale, well rounded with an initial sweetness followed by hoppiness provided by Cascade and Nelson Sauvin hops with hidden tones of molasses

Summer Daze   4.2%          £2.09

A pale golden ale with an aroma of tropical fruits and dry citrus flavour of grapefruit and peaches giving way to a pleasant hoppy finish.

Amnesia   4.5%          £2.09

A pale straw ale with a fruity zest, a slight orange citrus undertone combining with a mixture of hops to provide a dryish hoppy finish. Brewed using Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand to add a distinctive fruitiness.

Apocalypse  4.8%          £2.09

A tawny ale with a hoppy, caramel aroma, smooth malty flavour and an aftertaste of smoke and toffee, with just a hint of liquorice.  Brewed using First Gold and Fuggles hops with pale and crystal malts enhanced with West Indian molasses.

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