Jogle - Day 1

June 04, 2010


Following my slightly disparaging comments regarding Wick in the last blog, I should probably add that the Mackay Hotel provided us with some very fine fare last night and a seriously good breakfast this morning. The smoked haddock received particularly warm reviews. Last night also provided an opportunity to acquaint ourselves with Old Pulteney 12 year old (very much appreciated) and some wonderful Deuchars IPA (together with a lesson in pronunciation from a Canadian!!)
Before breakfast this morning Suzy introduced us to her personal research project into the effects of long distance cycling on knackered out, middle-aged men. (No not those effects!!). We were also strongly advised to take on plenty of fluids. For the record the results of the weigh-in were as follows:
Lightest:                                                                                                                                Laurie
Biggest legs (or most muscular thighs as I prefer to describe them)                     Connolly
Heaviest                                                                    Restricted by KPMG privacy laws 
Thereafter, we packed up and drove the 18 miles to John O’Groats where we were greeted by sunshine and, more importantly, tailwinds. Inspired by this Backie set off like Chris Hoy and we covered 34 (relatively flat and wind assisted) miles in the first couple of hours. Our first and very welcome stop then materialised and Suzy treated us with Ginger cake and exhortations to drink plenty of fluids.
As we pulled away Laurie was heard to utter those immortal words “oh s***, those look like mountains” and lo and behold, the conditions became, as they say in the wonderful world of understatement “undulating.” 40 odd miles of undulating! The 40 miles were broken by an excellent lunch at the roadside where 4 of us enjoyed baguettes, ham, salami and a fabulous fruit bowl whilst the 5th member of our party demonstrated KPMG’s dedication to customer service until such a point where the cold wind drove us to rip the phone from his hands.
Thereafter it was a story of great scenery, hills, tailwinds and one idiot suffering from cramp as he realised the importance of all those fluids. (Sorry Suzy).
Stats for the day
Miles covered                                                               92 miles
Feet climbed                                                                 6210
Top speed                                                                    51.1 mph (Greavsie)
Accidents                                                                     1 but it wasn’t a proper accident and it was only because I wasn’t concentrating and ran out of road.
Punctures                                                                    0 

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