Getting in the Spirit!

April 09, 2010

We have recently been expanding our Spirit, Liqueur and Syrup selection in response to increased customer interest.

We are now one of the few specialists remaining in the Birmingham City Centre, this has meant more and more people coming to us looking for something a little different. Whether it is a bottle of rare single malt or a cucumber syrup - more often than not we can source what you are looking for.
On top of this we have added some interesting boutique spirits to our list as well as an entire range of Sake. (We hope to run a Sake tasting later on this year, so keep your eyes peeled for updates).
So if you are looking to run a cocktail evening at home and you need that extra special ingredient or you are looking for something unusual - do not hesitate to call us.
Here are a few of the new products we have taken on recently:
Limoncello, Tosolini  £17.75
A very natural limoncello actually made from lemons. The lemons come from the Amalfi Coast area and they simply macerated with lemon peel, alcohol and brandy. The alcohol is a high quality, white grape spirit. On both nose and palate it is highly reminiscent of lemon sherbet and very, very yummy.
Mascarado Amaretto £20.49
This is also a very natural product and is probably the only Amaretto available in the UK actually made with almonds. It is made by pulverising almonds and macerating them in high strength but good quality white grape spirit for 2 weeks. The liquid is then separated from the 'almond mulch' giving on the one hand almond flavoured brandy and on the other alcoholic almonds. The almonds are thus sent for distillation giving an almond distillate which is then blended back into the almond flavoured brandy. It is then sweetened, has a little high quality oak aged brandy added for complexities and bottled. On the palate it has a great backbone of natural almond character with hints of orange rind and a long developing nutty finish. If you think you like Disarronno you’ll love this!
Aviation Gin £29.95
Aviation Gin is from the USA and made in the full bodied Dutch Style of days gone by.  100% rye grain neutral Spirit and what can simply be described as a ‘botanical democracy’ of Juniper, Cardomon, Coriander, Lavender, Anise Seed, Sasparilla, and dried orange peel. With its full and weighty mouth feel, rich earth flavour, and cool finish, Aviation shines both on its own and in one of the many vintage Gin cocktails that are once again enjoying the insides of Boston Shakers coats to coast. Locally we are lucky enough to have our very own Gin Parlour in the form of the Jekyll & Hyde on Steelhouse lane. Having been to a number of their Gin Nights and a Cocktail Masterclass or two I can highly recommend a visit!
Carl Hawkins Manager and Mixologist recommends the following cocktail for Aviaton:


Aviation (1916)

50ml Aviation Gin

15ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

10ml Luxardo maraschino liqueur

shake & strain into a cocktail glass

add 5ml creme de violette (or parfait amour)
Citadelle Reserve Gin  £31.95
Matured for several months in old oak casks, Citadelle Reserve marvellously combines the freshness and complexity Citadelle Gin with the refinement of older cask-aged spirits. The cellar master does not consider the gin ready for bottling until a perfect balance has been struck between freshness and cask flavours.
A lovely pale gold colour the Citadelle Reserve has the range of aroma and flavour and the vivacity of the original Citadelle Gin with even more roundness and elegance on the finish.
Carl recommends:


& Mar'tea'nez

40ml Citadelle Reserve

20ml Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth

15ml Monin Lemon tea syrup

4 dashes Fee brothers Cherry Bitters

Shake & strain into a dainty china cup

Garnish with a flamed lemon zest

*The Citadelle range is limited to us and will only be available for a limited period while sticks last.*
Mamont Vodka  £49.95
A Siberian vodka which is crystal clear (I must confess I know of few vodkas that aren’t!), outstanding smooth, delicate and rich toned. Its secret lies in uniquely Siberian ingredients. Exceptionally pure water from Siberian artisan wells, filtered through layers of volcanic rock and the finest locally sourced wheat, painstakingly distilled again and again. A unique treatment with Siberian birch coals and triple filteration allows the vodka to achieve a purity, clarity and smoothness.
As a special touch they add cedar nuts – which were once eaten by the Mammoth’s who populated the area, hence the mammoth tusk shaped bottle!
Monin Syrups £9.10 each
A range of non alcoholic syrups for cocktail making, including flavours such as Violet, Gingerbread, Strawberry, Grenedine, Triple Sec and many more.

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