Sparkling Hop Sake, Kiuchi Awashizuku


Tasting Note

Probaly more well known as the Hitachio Nest Brewery, the Kiuchi brrewery has been brewing sake since 1823 in Konosu Village, (now part of Naka City in the Ibaraki Prefecture, a bit North East of Tokyo), and are now onto their 8th generation of family brewers (they started brewing beer only in 1996). This is based off a Junmai sake which means there is no added alcohol and is a lighter and more elegant style than most. In their own words:-

We pickled "Tardif de Bourgogne", which is said to be the world's rarest hop, in the sparkling junmai sake "Tanshiku" made with white koji. It is a crimson liqueur that matches the citrus aroma and the sweet and sour taste of light drops.

Kiuchi Brewery

Size 30cl

ABV 10%

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