Grunspitz, Nachbil 2019


Tasting Note

The Brutler & Lieb vineyard is a well-known local representative of natural wines. There is one variety of wines that is capable of representing the true values of the viticulture region of Beltiug and this is our Grünspitz. Grünspitz is a variety of grapes, that exists only in our region. There are no other vineyards based on this variety, so this could have vanished. A few years ago, we grafted this variety on new plants and started a new vineyard. So this is the only vineyard in the world with this variety. "The sages" of the village have considered this variety of grapes as being extremely tasty and the wine having a solid acidity and a neutral taste with a low level of alcohol. It is just perfect to be served as it is refreshing. The grapes are very small, with thick skin and mature very late. The wonderful taste, persistent end and interesting taste of minerals define this wine. It is an exceptional companion for poultry ragout and marinated dishes, stew and fish dishes. Nachbill Winery

Size 75cl

ABV 12%

Closure Cork

Allergens Sulphites

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