Amaretto Saliza, Bepi Tosolini


Tasting Note

This is a very natural product and is probably the only Amaretto available in the UK actually made with almonds. It is made by pulverising almonds and macerating them in high strength but good quality white grape spirit for 2 weeks. The liquid is then separated from the ‘almond mulch’ giving on the one hand almond flavoured brandy and on the other alcoholic almonds. The almonds are thus sent for distillation giving an almond distillate which is then blended back into the almond flavoured brandy. It is then sweetened, has a little high quality oak aged brandy added for complexities and bottled. On the palate it has a great backbone of natural almond character with hints of orange rind and a long developing nutty finish. If you think you like Disarronno you’ll love this! Amaretto Saliza has a complex palate and a relatively dry finish. A serious Amaretto, perhaps for those that find some Amarettos a bit too sweet.

Size 70cl

ABV 28%

Allergens Nuts

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