Sake Tasting

Livery Street Jewellery Quarter Jewellery Quarter

7.00pm on Thursday 19 September 2013

We have been ambassadors for the phenomenal offerings from the far east for some time now and we are delight to have Wakana Omija from Akashi-Tai to host a tasting.

September this year we are hosting our first ever Sake tasting. We are not alone in our enthusiasm for this fantastic beverage Purnell’s Restaurant Manager Jean-Benoit has been featuring Sake on their list for quite some time:

“I once had this crazy idea whereby I wanted to serve a Sake with my wine tasting. I rang Connolly's wine merchants in Birmingham (I've known Chris since the age of 15 - we both aged pretty well since then!) and soon got me in touch with the 140 year old "Akashi Tai" company. My world suddenly changed! What an amazing discovery! The textures complexities and flavours all of their Sake have to offer is somewhat incredible"

Jean-Benoit Burloux
Restaurant Manager Purnells

On Thursday 16th September in Connolly's shop on Livery Street Jewellery Quarter Jewellery Quarter we shall be tasting a selection of Sake while Wakana explains everything from how it is made to its historical and cultural background.

No previous experience or knowledge of Sake is necessary and we can't recommend this tasting enough.

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