St Germain Elderflower


Tasting Note

St. Germain is made from fresh, ephemeral elderflowers harvested by hand once a year. The harvesting season lasts for approximately three to four weeks in late spring when the flavour and aroma of the flowers are at their peak. The quality and freshness of St. Germain depends entirely on the quality and character of the elderflower blossom.

As with any recipe, precision is essential for delivering consistent quality. St. Germain is made charmingly slow, utilizing age-old French techniques, starting with maceration. The traditional process of maceration is a dynamic one, infusing warm water with the aroma and flavour of the finest, freshest elderflowers over the course of several hours. The all-natural elderflower infusion is then carefully decanted and filtered to remove its flowers and stems. The quality, aroma, and flavour of each infusion is diligently inspected before it is blended with previous mixtures, the result of which creates the exact fragrance and flavour profile of the elixir that will eventually become St. Germain. The final 100% natural elderflower infusion is then skillfully blended with eau-de-vie de vin, water, sugar, and neutral grain spirit to, at last, create our beloved St. Germain.

St. Germain Liqueur Francaise

Size 70cl

ABV 20%

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