Bold London Spirit


Tasting Note

Bold London Spirit is a powerful, smooth, but ever so slightly, bitter spirit at 36% ABV. Similar to gin production, distilled neutral grain spirit is infused with tart sour cherries, 15 botanicals and cassia bark to add a hint of bitterness. The overall result is a rich cherry spirit with a beautifully warm, rounded spiciness and a delicate floral bite. It awakens the taste buds and wets the palate of the discerning drinker, and more scientifically, hits the bitter receptors along the tongue and gastrointestinal tract. Hand crafted, all natural, all British, Bold aperitif. Enjoy neat or on the rocks with citrus zest, or if you’re feeling adventurous, serve up a twist on a Martinez or Old Fashioned classic.

Size 70cl

ABV 36%

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