Italian Stallion Wines with Michael Palij

Dovehouse Parade Solihull

6.30pm on Thursday 17 September 2009

Italian Stallion Wines with Michael Palij (MW)

Followed by a three course meal @ Locanta
Thursday 17th September 2009

Michael Palij (MW) is joining us once again to wow us with his top range of Italian wines. Michael is world renowned for his knowledge on Italian wines. One of only 255 Master of Wines in the world he has written for Decanter magazine and Harpers on various Italian subjects including: The good the bad and the ugly - Italian vintages since 1970.

Most importantly Michael provides us with a fantastic portfolio of Italian wines and will be joining us for the evening to introduce enlighten and entertain you with a selection of his thoroughbred Italian Stallion wines.

The tasting will take place in our shop on Livery Street Jewellery Quarter Jewellery Quarter followed by a delicious Italian three course dinner at Locata on Ludgate Hill. Dinner includes more delectable Italian wines.

The total cost for the tasting with dinner will be £50 per person if you would like to opt for the tasting only this will be £25 per person.
The Wines

On Arrival:

Zucchetto Puro Fol. A father and son combination diligently produce top range Proseccos from a small holding of c. 12 acres situated within the DOC area of Prosecco di Valdobiaddene. Easier to drink the wine than to pronounce the region their Prosecco Puro Fol is one of the driest on the market. One can see why this area is soon to be elevated to DOCG status.

White Wines
Inzolia Terra Firma. 2008 will be the second vintage of this popular line and one that Michael had a big hand in blending. His ability to retain the acidity of the grape has lead to a very attractive lightly citric wine which is a refreshing change from the over-alcoholic flabby numbers that were prevalent from Sicily.

Terrenzuola Vermentino. Michael’s favourite discovery this year! Although Vermentino enjoys a reputation in Sardinia it is less well-known in Tuscany from where this wine comes. A very structured wine grown in the most northerly point of Tuscany bordering on Liguria.

Terredora Greco di Tufo. Italy’s variety of grapes can be both a joy and an obstacle to many. The peach character of this grape might be reminiscent of the better-known Viognier and it’s worth being adventurous to seek this out. Complex full of flavour and very individual. The Greeks and Romans knew what they were doing when they planted their vineyards on the slopes of Campania.

La Monacesca verdiccio "Mirum". This is actually a riserva (although it sees no oak) and was first made in 1988. It cannot be released until two years following the vintage. A truly stunning wine that will delight and one that sums up Michael's expertise in finding such gems!

Red Wines

Nero d'Avola Terra Firma. Most Nero d'Avola comes from around Pachino in the south of Sicily: however Michael's careful blending with wine from the more northerly area of Palermo has given the structure and acidity. A very affordable pleasure.

Dogliani Siri d'Jermu Pecchenino. In Piedmont Dolcetto usually has to take third place in the grape hierarchy behind Nebbiolo and Barbera. However the Pecchenino family has treated this grape with the respect that others only give to Nebbiolo and produced a wine that helped the region to DOCG status.

Tintilla di Molise Cianfagna. The grape originally came from Spain before it was planted in Molise and inland region bordering on Abruzzo. Michael was totally intrigued by the wine given that even he hadn't heard of it before!

Brunello di Montalcino Renieri. The 2004 vintage is the second release of this wine from an estate that is part Marco Bacci's stable which also features the wonderful Castello di Bossi. No money spared and corners cut. This handsome wine will highlight his quest fro quality and will show why Brunello can reach the hieghts although others in the area have seen fit to tamper their blends with the illegal introduction of Merlot....

Wines served with Dinner

Trebbiano Nicodemi. Trebbiano has a chequered history and reputation. Ttrebbiano d'Abruzzo is the most characterful of the famliy and Alessandro Nicodemi has really captured the blossom and fruit that it can produce but it is so rarley seen in many other versions.

Lambrusco Graziano. Hard to believe that there was life before Pinot Grigio! In the 1980s Italy;s ubiquitious star was Lambrusco. Too often light and unsubstantial it was the vinous equivalent of a dizzy airhead. However amidst all the mass production there always remains one producer battling against the bog standard. This is an opportunity to taste what Lambrusco could and should be.

Starters (one of the following)

Bruchetta with Tomato Onion & Cheese

Mozzarella & Tomato Salad

Insalata Ceasar Salad with anchovies and Gylulai Sausage

Mushrooms Saute with Garlic Wine & Cream

Hummus Meze Plate

Prawns in Chilli and Garlic

Chicken Livers on Greens

Main Course (choose one of the following)

Mixed Grilled Meat Chicken minced beef balls and lamb served with aubergine & pepper slasa sour cream & pitta

Pollo Erbe Pomodori Chicken coated with bread crumbd topped with aubergine tomato & cheese sauce served with saute potatoes.

Sausage Meat Lasagne

Seafood Rissotto

Chicken Skewers grilled with onions and served with peppers and aubergine salsa salad & pitta.

Gamberoni Con Pepperoncini King Prawns with Chilli.

Crespolini Spinach and Cheese Pancake

Polpetti Meatballs with Penne Pasta.

Melanzane Parmagiana Slices of aubergine with tomato bechemel & pesto served with penne.

Grilled Hallumi with aubergines and tomato served with rice


Ciaffogato Cake with ice cream and coffee sauce


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