Il Gin del Professore Madame


Tasting Note

The Del Proessore range is the result of a collaboration betweween the Jerry Thomas Speakeasy (Rome), Federico Ricatto (distilling alchemist at the Antica Distilleria Quaglia). Spicy, floral, cold-compounded gin with juniper, cloves, cinnamon, tansy, zedoària and cassia as the main botanicals. The Gin a la Madame really is a unique gin, displaying aromas from a carefully-calculated blend that speaks primarily of juniper, lemon, orange, tansy, turmeric, cinnamon and cassia bark, and particularly memorable for its freshness and intensity of the spices. On the palate, the Madame is beautifully warming, with a savoury, balsamic structure beneath the various herbs and spices. Although each ingredient, from juniper to cinnamon, is decipherable, they are all spun into a gorgeous overall flavour of juniper rich with floral and comforting medicinal notes. This core flavour is drawn out on the finish and yet continues to hold the characteristics of each layer.

Size 70cl

ABV 42.9%

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