Hallowed 9 Gin, Green Mann Distillery


Tasting Note

Hallowed 9 is a hand crafted gin inspired by the 9 Herb Charm from the Anglo-Saxon Lacnunga (Remedies book). For centuries our ancestors have used these common countryside herbs for remedies, charms and rituals; to cure the medical and spiritual ailments from which they suffered. As time moved forward, some of these herbs fell out of use, their significance and meaning often becoming overlooked and forgotten.

Today we draw together these herbs and other native botanicals from the riches of our natural surroundings to create a British gin like no other. Representing the breadth and depth of our ancient countryside Hallowed 9 is a fresh new take on gin rooted in British history.

There are 15 botanicals in our Gin, including 7 that are used in the Lacnunga's 9 Herb charm. These include Juniper (central to any gin), Wood Betony, Plantain (no, not that sort of plantain - Plantago major), Nettle and Hogweed seeds and each have their own unique historical uses:

The Green Man Distillery

Size 20cl

ABV 40%

Vegetarian/Vegan Vegan

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