Verdant Even Sharks Need Water 6.5%


Tasting Note

The new wave of IPA’s being brewed in the states originates in Vermont and the northeast in general. Breweries like Hill Farmstead, Treehouse, Trillium, Other Half and Veil are the masters of the style and having recently had the chance to taste some beers from these guys we have managed to fill in the last remaining gaps in our recipe development.

These beers are hop monsters but not in the dry and bitter kind of way. Everybody talks up the turbid murky appearance of said beers but this is always secondary to the 4 main characteristics of the style:

  • Fruity English yeast character that amplifies the hops
  • Thick, creamy but light mouthfeel
  • Incredibly soft finish with a residual sweetness
  • Low bitterness

For Sharks we settled on a very vigorous English Yeast strain that provides a light fruitiness to the beer and attenuates lower than US-05. With this batch we dry hopped the beer during the last few points of active fermentation with Citra, Chinook and Centennial hops. The yeast and hop interaction both creates new and exciting hop flavours but also causes the yeast to almost completely lose its flocculating characteristics. In a nutshell this beer remains cloudy for a long time with a high yeast cell count in suspension. These yeast cells are attached to the hop oils imparted through dry hopping. The result is a juicy hop and yeast driven beer that tastes of sherbet refresher sweets with lashings of peppery mango, lemon and grapefruit. Smooth, full and fun to drink!

Verdant Brewing Co.

Size 44cl

ABV 6.5%

Allergens Cereals

Vegetarian/Vegan Vegan

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