Uerige Doppelsticke 8.5%


Tasting Note

Since 2005, the Uerige has brewed a special strong beer for the American market and now we`ve got hold of some. The DoppelSticke has an healthy 8.5% alcohol, but still tastes unmistakable: dat is dat delicious Dröppke! After the gigantic herb hop aroma that initially surprises the palate, a center full of taste sensations follows: caramelized sugar, malt, herbs; rich hints of dark chocolate and rum, and then soft and shimmering finish. This comes with a minimum best before date of eight weeks but aficionados regard this as barely even a suggestion: they insist on storing their DoppelSticke for at least a year in the cellar.

Size 33cl

ABV 8.5%

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