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Cascara Vermouth


Tasting Note

Discarded Spirits are like the Wombles of the spirit world - ‘making good use of the things that we find, things that the everyday folk leave behind’!

Here's what they say about their Cascara Vermouth -

When coffee producers extract a bean from the coffee berry they discard what’s left, the fruit. The fruit is called Cascara, it’s deep red in colour, rich and fruity in flavour. In other words, the perfect heart of our unique sweet vermouth. What others have wasted, we have welcomed and made our distinguishing feature.

On the nose, Discarded Sweet Cascara Vermouth is deep, rich and aromatic with an easy natural warmth. The taste is full and sweet, the indulgent fruity notes merge with the characteristic bitter notes of Vermouth which dominate the clean, lingering finish.

Best served straight over ice, long with tonic for instant refreshment. For an interesting new dimension in a classic mix in a Negroni, Boulevardier or a Manhattan cocktail.

Discarded Spirits Co.

Size 50cl

ABV 21%

Allergens Sulphites

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