Raising The Roof.

Raising The Roof.

11th Jun 2012

 There's something interesting about having a shop under a railway. If you've ever been into say hi on Livery Street, you may even have been party to the sporadic rumbling we experience as the 14.43 to Kidderminster slowly makes it's way out of Snow Hill Station. We've become used to it here and don't really notice too much any more.

There was one instance last week where we did notice a large rumbling sound. Perhaps a particularly large freight train was making it's way across the country causing larger than usual vibrations, more likely though that after almost 20 years of holding itself up above our heads of it's own accord, the roof in the back office just decided that enough was enough and collapsed onto the floor.

We are happy to report that nobody was injured, no wine was damaged (unless our insurance company ask, then we were storing all the 1982 Lafite, 1969 Chateau D'Yquem and the 1992 La Tache from Romanee Conti in there and it was all sadly destroyed) and the only casualty of any great significance was a tuna and cous-cous salad, which unfortunately was pronounced dead at the scene.

The shop itself is fine, we've had the roof in the examined by the professionals and there is no danger of any further collapse. As to getting it fixed, when you have a contractor have a look at something and his hand involuntarily starts scratching his chin, well, we all know what that means.

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